Disc Jockey/Emcee/Vocalist/Percussionist  SAM THOMAS
Many call him one of the hottest emcees in Michigan’s party circuit!

Entertainer SAM THOMAS brings to each performance a level of enthusiasm and energy normally attained by headliners in the music industry. What’s more, his consistency is amazing! Sam is always upbeat!

In the 1980s, Sam accumulated years of experience as a professional vocalist and percussionist with top Detroit metro area club groups. With the help of his commanding voice and talent, he later went to work on his own as a mobile disc jockey for all types of engagements in Michigan.

Sam’s positive attitude, quality orientation, and fun approach keep him in demand by people of all ages. How does he entertain the audience? When appropriate, he’ll be out there motivating people, dancing with your guests, and raising the energy level of your party. Sam’s infectious, friendly attitude wins him new fans at each event, including weddings, bar/bat-mitzvahs, and corporate events. Everyone likes Sam!